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7 Reasons You Should Avoid Celebrity Endorsed Products

Celebrity endorsed products are the bane of my existence. More often than not, people buy something based on celebrity endorsements because they like the celebrity.

My experience with celebrities 

I grew up in a poor family that couldn’t afford cable or movies. Our entertainment consisted of one TV in the living room where we watched the news and videos from Blockbuster.

Growing up in a predominately low-income minority neighborhood also meant that my friends and I didn’t care much about mainstream American celebrities.

While America was talking about N-Sync, my friends and I were listening to 2-Pac.

Red Hot Chili Peppers? Okay. Never heard of them.

Celebrities were the last thing that I ever thought about on a daily basis. Imagine when I went to college, about how crazed people were about celebrities.   

In college, a fellow classmate of mine got a credit card just so they could go down to Orange County for spring break. To do what you might ask? Just for the possibility of catching a glimpse of a star from Laguna Beach. For all those who don’t know Laguna Beach was a reality show that followed the lives of the most basic white people that have no talent.

So imagine me: A person who could not care more about celebrities being told that they were willing to build debt for the chance to catch a glimpse of celebrity.

I thought they were completely nuts.

I still think the concept of following celebrities is a crazy idea, but I understand why people do it.

It’s obviously because they live lives so inconsequential they live vicariously through someone else to give their life any meaning whatsoever. It’s because they feel like they know the person after following then for so long.

Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t buy celebrity endorsed products:

1. Celebrity endorsed products are more expensive

To make the millions, most celebrities work a hard 9-5 job on top of what they’re known for. After work, celebrities drive their Toyota Corolla to McDonald’s to pick up dinner. That way they have enough time to review their stock portfolios to see how much money they’ve earned.

No, celebrities don’t actually do that. Instead, they make money off of celebrity endorsements.

Celebrity endorsements don’t come cheap either. For minor celebrities, they command up to $5,000 for one post/ad! Major celebrities get significantly more money than minor celebrities. For example, it’s reported that Kim Kardashian make $300,000 to $500,000 per post.

The way companies afford such expensive costs of a celebrity endorsement, they need to make more money. They get more money by passing the cost onto you.

Here’s the problem. Depending on how many people they predict will buy the product, determines how much they raise the price.

Let’s take for example that a hair vitamin company that makes cute vitamins in the form of a sugar bear predicts they will sell 250,000 bottles of vitamins.

If they have Kim Kardashian make 2 posts about their vitamin, then they would raise the prices by $4 per bottle!

2. There are cheaper options out there

Now think about Kim Kardashian making multiple posts over a short time span. A simple bottle of vitamins can easily go $1 per vitamin instead of 10 cents per day!

The fact is there are many cheaper products that aren’t celebrity-endorsed out there.

However, it is understandable that companies use celebrity endorsements to sell their products. Celebrities help the masses buy a product that they may not understand – it’s much simpler than spending the time to educate people.

A great example is the supplementary health insurance. Sounds boring right and confusing right? It is. When a company famous for supplementary health insurance uses a celebrity to endorse their products, they see sales increase.

Here’s the thing: You are smarter than that. There are cheaper options out there than a celebrity-endorsed product.

If you see a celebrity endorsing something that you think you would be interested in, you should research to see if there is something less expensive.

3. Products endorsed by celebrities are sometimes not used by the celebrities themselves

This might sound crazy, but celebrities don’t always use the products that they endorse.

Imagine celebrities that are known for their good looks and nothing much else after being on a show to find love. They get a donut endorsement and you buy donuts because you see them eat the donuts on the commercial.

Clearly, those celebrities would eat donuts all the time – after all their only asset is their looks. No. They don’t.

This isn’t just a phenomenon that is found among reality tv stars. Major celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres endorse items they don’t actually use. Gasp – and I trusted her too!

4. Products may not actually help or there are better versions of the product

It could be surprising to hear, but some products might not actually help. Look no further than our favorite celebrity from earlier and her family: The Kardashians. Here are 3 examples of products that might not actually help that the Kardashians endorse.

Lyfe Tea 14 Day Detox–  For 39 bucks it helps you lose weight as long as you only drink and eat nor drink anything else but drink their tea. Other things that help you lose weight if you don’t drink or eat anything else is EVERYTHING. 

EOS Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm – At 4 dollars a pop, it’s neither thick enough to do much – and you get one. You can get 4 chapsticks at that price! At least it comes in a circle representing the endless vicious cycle of building and paying off debt when it comes to following celebrity trends?

Pureleef Butt & Body Plumping Cream – Because major human anatomy can be changed by a cream. Instead of spending 50 bucks, you can spend it on junk food and get plump that way. 

Do you actually think any of the Kardashians night time routine goes as follows: 1. Eat dinner 2. Put the children to bed 3. Take a shower 4. and put Pureleef Butt Cream to help keep their curvy figure.

I hate to break it to you, no they don’t actually do that, because it’s physiologically impossible to put cream on yourself and make major changes in human anatomy!

5. You might think the celebrity is your friend, you are their paycheck

This should come as a surprise, but most celebrities don’t make most of their money from what they are most known for.

For instance, let’s take a sports star – Tom Brady. He is very much recognized for his on the field exploits, and he has been well paid for it in the tune of $15 million per year. However, he made $27 million in endorsement deals alone!

Celebrities are paid a high amount for their endorsements because they work.

People for some reason think that celebrities are their friends. So, when a celebrity endorses a product, it is like a friend introducing them to a new product.

Unless you have an interesting relationship with your friends, a celebrity should never be seen as your friend. If you had a friend in real life who always told you to buy things they might not always use, talked at you, but never heard your feelings or helped you out, you wouldn’t call them your friend.

You would actually call them a leech on your life. Celebrities should be seen in the same exact way.

6. Celebrities are not any more intelligent than you are

Wrapped up in the whole “a celebrity that I follow is my friend” is the underlying belief that celebrities are somehow more intelligent.

It is completely understandable why a lot of people would come to believe that. After all, celebrities are considered fairly successful.

The problem is the item that the celebrity is endorsing doesn’t mean they are any much more intelligent about that item than you are. Just because a celebrity endorses a certain product, it doesn’t mean they know or even use the product.

Justin Bieber once endorsed nail polish lines. In no way, shape or form would ever mistake Justin Bieber as an expert in nails. In the same way, you shouldn’t trust celebrities with more important choices such as insurance or the next car you buy.

While there is not a celebrity IQ test, we can take a good barometer of what it takes to be a celebrity. A neurosurgeon requires at least 7 years of schooling and additional training. Celebrities now only require a laptop with a camera and some video editing skills. Anyone can be a celebrity – not everyone can be a neurosurgeon.

7. You are above listening to a celebrity for your lifestyle choices

We’ve gone over that celebrity-endorsed products are. They are more expensive, sometimes not used by the celebrity, is for them to make money off of you, and there is no proof of a celebrity being vastly more intelligent than anyone.

There should be absolutely no reason for anyone to listen to a celebrity for advice. Take celebrities for what they are. People that are pretty that are only there to entertain you. Anything much more and you’ve given them credit where it isn’t due.

The fact is quite simple, there should be no reason for you to take a celebrity at their word. There are multiple instances where you truly wonder if a celebrity even uses what they endorse.

For instance, this previous ‘Bachelor’ contestant endorses salsa.

I would be willing to believe she has taco night and downs it with chips and salsa other than her profile says she has a page about natural wellness. I love tacos and salsa as the next person, but I know salsa in a jar is not healthy.

instagram snip

I personally don’t have a problem with celebrities making money. However, if you want to save money for yourself, celebrity endorsements should always be seen as a red flag.

Make sure before you purchase a product that a celebrity endorses to carefully vet the product. Even better, attempt to see if there are cheaper and better alternatives – there usually are.

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