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Is A SodaStream Fizzi Worth It?

There is no denying how much Americans love drinking our soda and soda water. We are no exception – Mr. Bunny-Hops and I drink 12 cans every week! Recently, we asked ourselves whether a SodaStream was worth it.

When it comes to looking for places to cut down our costs, we always like to look at the our groceries as the first place to cut costs. Groceries are one of the few places where we have a bit of control over our weekly prices.

One of our grocery bill’s pain points is that we spend 3 dollars on a 12 pack of soda water on an almost weekly basis. We probably spend even more when we have guests over that we entertain.

Recently, we had some friends over and they said “Mr. and Mrs. Bunny-Hops. You need a SodaStream, we’ve saved so much money since getting it.” That definitely perked out ears!

In the past, we have never considered a SodaStream only because at $200+ they are incredibly expensive to get started.

In the past year, SodaStream has begun releasing cheaper models of SodaStream. The two particular models are the SodaStream Fizzi and SodaStream Fizzi One Touch.

With SodaStreams becoming ever so affordable for the average household to get, is it worth it to buy?

In particular, this article will focus on the SodaStream Fizzi and SodaStream Fizzi One Touch.

What The Internet Says About the Soda Stream Fizzi/Fizzi One Touch

We first started by looking through all the different marketing materials for SodaStream on how much money they save.

Most of their marketing only pushes different recipes and on how environmentally friendly it is.

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Not very helpful in terms of whether they actually save money.

We did what any normal person does – go to the Internet.

Based on our research, the answer to our question was the same as any other question ever posed to the Internet: Random people insisting in very convincing tones that the SodaStream is the best/worst thing you can ever buy and anyone else saying differently is an idiot.

Because there is no such thing as a middle ground in real life.

More websites suggested that SodaStreams are worth it. Though, here’s the catch – they didn’t show any accompanying math.

How do we know it’s right? Because they said so and at this point, you’re pouring money down the drain (or into your stomach and then into the drain?) – THAT’S WHY!

Since everything on the Internet is obviously true, we went ahead and tried a SodaStream for ourselves to see if it is really worth it.

Prepared to get shocked.

The Money

$113.99 – Retail price of SodaStream Fizzi One Touch package
  • The SodaStream package comes with one nitrogen tank and container. You can get this package for about $75 when it goes on sale. There are also more expensive package deals that can go upwards of $150. These packages contain more nitrogen tanks, containers, and syrups.
  • There is also the SodaStream Aqua Fizz is SodaStream’s premium model which has a glass container. At $160-200 you also can fly after drinking the soda don’t seemingly get much more. We didn’t personally try this, so we can’t say much to this.
$6-9 – Retail price for different syrups required for the soda’s taste – makes about 9-16L of soda.
  • The syrup’s cost is optional if you are only drinking soda water without flavoring. There are different suppliers for the syrup, so the pricing is very dependent on the supplier.
$30.00 – Retail price of SodaStream nitrogen tank/ $15 if you refill the nitrogen tank.
  • Nitrogen tanks are what you squeeze to put bubbles into your soda. The SodaStream website claims that each nitrogen tank has 60L soda bottles’ worth of bubbles. It is pretty simple to recycle your nitrogen tank if you live near a SodaStream supplier. Just take in your old used can and get a new can for $15.  

A note about the “60L of Soda Nitrogen Tanks”

The 60L of nitrogen are only based on SodaStream’s recommended amount of nitrogen use per liter of soda.

Most people claim that the recommended amount of nitrogen isn’t quite bubbly enough for their soda.

The SodaStream website does recommend if you don’t think your soda is bubbly enough you should pulse your more nitrogen into the soda. If it still isn’t quite bubbly enough, you could always add more nitrogen to get more bubbles.

When we tried the recommended amount of nitrogen, we were in full agreement that the soda seemed a little flat. The best way to describe it is the soda was almost like a bottle of Pellegrino or sparkling water.

We found that 2.5 to 4 times the recommended amount of nitrogen made the soda’s bubbles on par with most soda brands.

Is It Worth It?

No – unless you live in an area that sells expensive soda or don’t care about fizz.

The Boring Stuff – How We Calculated It (You Can Click Here to Skip to The Pretty Graphs)

When we were doing research for websites that attempted to calculate the price, we noticed two major errors. How so?

  1. Some people were using different costs for the soda they are comparing to. Sometimes, it was unreasonable. One particular site used $2, 2-liter bottles of sodas for comparison. If you’ve ever walked into a grocery store, you would know a 2-liter bottles don’t sell for $2!
  2. Other people didn’t account for differences in pumps of nitrogen.
Soda Price Point

What we did was account for this by accounting for the different price points of cans. Let’s be honest – no one drinks solely 2-liter sodas. Instead, we priced 12 pack soda cans which are much more commonly drank from and bought.

The average price of 12 pack soda cans nationwide fluctuated between $3 and $5 which seemed to be the price most soda brands bounce around.

Nitrogen Pump Price Points

We also, calculated for different amounts of nitrogen pumps. SodaStreams have recommended amounts. However, most people we have read online said their drinks aren’t fizzy enough and pumped more than the recommended amount.

We’ve seen people claim pumping up to 4x the recommended amount is the best!

Spoiler alert: We loved our soda at 3x the recommended amount.

Cost of Syrup

We used a price point of $4-7 for 16 liters of soda for the syrup.

Based on reviews, most of the better tasting syrup is $6-7 for 9 liters. However, we did a $4-7 for 16 liters to favor SodaStream more.

Startup Cost

We used the $90 SodaStream Fizzi OneTouch Price as a startup cost since that is what we used. We realize there are sales on the different SodaStreams.

That being said, the lowest price we saw during Black Friday was a $50 SodaStream Fizzi. Using $50 didn’t change the overall results significantly since the trends remained generally the same.

Comparison Tests

Using all those assumptions we compared the price points of making one liter of soda using a SodaStream compared to buying 1 liters worth of soda from a $12 pack.

Obviously most of people don’t count in liters. To make it easy, we converted this all to cans of soda you need to drink in a year to make it worth it.

Is it Worth It?

In a nutshell, unless you drink $5+ soda twelve-packs, you must use 2x the recommended nitrogen pumps or less for it to be worth it.

Instead of presenting a bunch of tables, we decided to make it into graphs of how many soda cans you drink right now to make it worth it in one year.

The numbers at the top of the graph show how many cans of soda you drink now at what price point to make your SodaStream purchase worth it in one year.

It looks pretty good if you use the recommended amount of pumps, which most people don’t use. Unless you buy $5 soda twelve packs and use $7 syrup, you’ll need to drink anywhere between half a can to 3 cans a day. Not bad, for a family.

graphs showing how much soda is necessary

When you get to two times the recommended amount of pumps, things are not quite as worth it. So much so, that if you currently drink $3 soda twelve-pack, it isn’t worth it unless you plan to drink soda water only with the SodaStream.

Even if you drink $4 soda twelve packs, you need to be very careful of the type of soda syrup you’re using to make it worth it. For instance, if you use $7 soda syrup that makes 16 liters of soda – it is not that worth it. To put it into context, you would need to drink 6 cans a day now, for it to be worth it.

3x recommended pumps for sodastream

At 3x the recommended pump by SodaStream, it is completely not worth it unless you live in an area that sells soda 12 packs that cost more than $5.

Bottom Line: A SodaStream Isn’t Worth It.

The fact is for most people unless you like drinking plain soda water or currently drink $5 soda 12 pack sodas, a SodaStream is not worth it.

The problem with SodaStream’s are their recycled $15 canisters are just too expensive.

Along with different variations of taste and most people requiring several times the amount of the recommended pumps for bubbles – a SodaStream isn’t worth it for most people.

However, there certain advantages to buying a SodaStream outside of money.

The Only (2) Reasons Why You Should Buy A SodaStream

You Care About The Environment

If you care about the environment and making less waste, a SodaStream is a better option than buying cans and bottled soda.

You are still making waste with the syrup bottles. However, the amount of waste generated is significantly less.

You Like Making New Drinks

I think the SodaStream marketing team really doesn’t harp on this point enough: With a SodaStream you have so many different variations you can do to make your soda.

Want to add lemon, lime, and raspberry flavors together? Well, Sprite and freshly cut raspberries won’t cut it. But you can certainly do that with a SodaStream!

I can easily see a SodaStream is a great purchase for a home that entertains guests or enjoys their drinks a lot.

Interested in buying a SodaStream? Click one of the links below:

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