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12 Ways To Make Money On The Internet In 2020

Making money on the Internet in 2020 has never been easier than in previous years. Is what you will hear most website say, despite having nothing to back up this claim. But is it really? It seems like online job scams are now more prevalent than Nigerian princes asking for your money. Once you find an opportunity, which job should you choose? Everyone’s needs are different. We did the hard work so you don’t need to. Continue reading to see the best way to make money online in 2020.

Addressing the Elephant In The Room: The Internet Job Competition

With the invention of the Internet, it has opened up many opportunities for you to earn money from your own seat. The downside of these opportunities? You are competing against even more people than ever before.

Think of it like this 10-15 years ago, when you used to applied for an online job, you were probably competing against 5-10 other people who had Internet.

With the Internet expanding into less developed countries, it means a lot of changes. This doesn’t mean a lot if you just use the Internet to watch YouTube. It does matter if you are competing for jobs. You are now competing against people in Africa who can get on by much less than you. This means that it is harder for you to find a job.

But, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to make money on the Internet in 2020.

It’s just slightly harder. If you look in the right places and have the right background, you will find making money on the Internet is still just as easy.

How we ranked the jobs

Just like any job, there are pros and cons to every single job – the Internet is no different!

We researched every single job that there is out there and assigned rankings on the following parameters:

Major Criteria: Can you do the job solely by the Internet?

This means you only need a computer and the Internet to do the job. If you can’t do the job with just two of those things, they weren’t included on the list.

So if you’re looking for grades on selling your stuff on eBay – this article won’t cover that. Another article will cover that. This is because you need to have physical items to do your job.

How we graded the jobs

Once we had a list of jobs that can be done solely by the Internet, we graded it on 6 areas on a 1-5 scale. 5 being the best, 1 being the best. We then added the points in 6 of these categories and determine the best ones.

Ease of startup

How easy is it to start working? If it requires a fancy set up of high cost and capacity computers with a lot of technological knowledge – it’s a probably hard startup. An easy startup would be something like having a computer with a mic.

Ease to start earning money

How long does it take to start earning money? Some jobs require more time to get moving. Think of a vlogger that requires some time to get traction for fans getting enough to earn money.

Money potential

Can you make millions of dollars just by doing this one thing or will you top out at a good decent living?

Ease of the job

How easy is this job for the typical person to do? If it requires you to work odd hours or get special learning, it wouldn’t be considered easy.

Longevity of Career

Whether the average person can legitimately expect to earn a living doing this work. If your career is to enter data from Blockbusters, you probably won’t have a long career.

Side Hustle-able?

Apparently hustleable is not a word. However, we wanted to judge how likely can you make this a job a side hustle. Generally, the more flexibility a job gives you, the more side hustle-able it is.

For the People Too Inpatient

This year’s best job to make money online is: a transcriber!

The other jobs we cover in this article are:

Call Representative

Ever call into the number on the back of your credit card or the helpline for your iPhone? If you have, then you have spoken to a call representative – which could be your next side hustle!

There is a need for call representatives especially for 24-hour lines that you commonly see for banks. While the day time call representatives likely work in a building, the night time call representative almost likely is working at home!

black and brown headset near laptop computer

Ease of Startup – 4

For a call representative job, you will need to formally apply for a position, interview process, and background screening. More likely than not, you will also need to fly out to the company’s headquarters for training and to receive your computer set up.

Length of time until you start earning money – 4

This really depends on the length of an application process. Most people report taking about a month from the time of application to making money.

Money Potential – 3

Most call representatives make about $40,000 – $50,000. However, this is a misleading figure, call representatives are capable of being promoted!

A friend of mine in college started with Apple as an iPhone call representative taking calls for 4 hours every day after school. He currently is a manager pulling over a 6 figure salary!

There are plenty of people who re able to move up the company ladder from a call representative to much higher positions.

Ease of Job – 5

After training, you are sent back to your home with a computer or laptop. When you do a call, you will be guided with a script on what to say.

Longevity of Career – 4

A company with 24-hour service will likely have a pretty long lifespan, but it depends on the company.

Side Hustle-able? – 3

It really depends but generally you have a very set schedule. However, most companies are willing to work with your schedule.

Total Score: 23/30


Dropshipping was all the rage in the mid-2010s and while it is certainly not as hot, it is still possible to make money dropshipping.

What exactly is dropshipping? You work as the middleman between a supplier and the customer and take a cut of the profit. Essentially, you are the retail store for a supplier where you market directly to the consumer products you are selling – with one huge exception. You don’t ever touch the product and rarely ever need to pay for shipping since the supplier ships directly from their storage to the customer.

Ease of Startup – 5

If you have a computer and credit card you can start a dropshipping business. You can use a debit card as well, but we don’t recommend it since it makes it easier to have your money stolen.

Money Potential – 5

You can easily make millions of dollars drop shipping. It really depends on the types of items you are able to find.

Ease of earning your first money – 2/ 4

It really depends on what you are selling and what you’re using to sell. Sites like eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari are excellent mediums to getting money quick. However, with increasing fees, it might cut into your tight profits.

If you plan to build your own Shopify store/website storefront, expect to take much longer before you can start making money.

Ease of Job – 2

Keeping up with orders is actually one of the easiest parts of the job. In our opinion, having actually done dropshipping successfully, the toughest part of the job is keeping with prices and constantly changing trends of the times.

Because profits tend to be very tight in dropshipping, you have to keep up to date on the prices of your suppliers.

For instance, remember fidget spinners?

person using black fidget spinner

They were all the rage at one point! You could sell them for a tidy profit, but as quick as fidget spinners came, they quickly went away. A dropshipper with too many fidget spinners in their storefront ended up selling less since their storefront was too clogged up with fidget spinners.

You need to keep up to date on all the things you sold.

Longevity of Career – 5

As long as there is a need for things, dropshipping is possible.

Side Hustle-able? – 2

Dropshipping is something you will need to keep up with on a daily basis. While there is certainly a lot of flexibility in where you work, to have any sort of success, you must keep a constant eye out on your products.

Total Score: 21-23/30

Freelance Work via UpWork, Uwork, and other freelancing sites

Really good at English or accounting? There is freelance work that you are able to do. Freelance sites allow for people with skills to meet up with people who need something done.

We’ve personally used these freelance sites as both a way to make money and have someone do something for us. If we were to break up our feelings toward freelance websites, we’d put it in three categories: 1. scams 2. okay experiences 3. really good experiences.

Start- Up Costs – 5

As long as you have the relevant material needed for the field you are an expert in, there isn’t much of a start-up cost.

Ease to Start Earning Money – 2

The biggest con is that it takes a lot of work to crack through the star rating system. When you first begin a profile you will need to undercut a lot of people’s prices to have even have a hope to get work. In many cases, you will find yourself doing jobs that aren’t in your skillset just to find work.
From our personal experience in order to get started, I had to get about 20 jobs before getting any type of traction for work. During this time period, I had to do odd jobs including testing out a workout app, writing reviews on food, it really depends!

Sounds fun right? All these odd ball jobs pay very little, my first 20 jobs barely netted me less than $100 after 6 months!

Money Potential – 4

In our research, you can make a pretty good living if not a very good living in your area of expertise. It really depends on what your background is.

Ease of Job -3

This really depends on the job you are taking on. However, the contracting and bidding process is very tedious through these sites.

Longevity of Career – 5

Many people resort to these websites for freelance work. There will always be a need for freelance contractors.

Side Hustle-able? – 4

This once again depends on the job type, but most of the work we saw on the different sites can be made into side hustles.

Total Score: 23/30

Influencer: YouTube/Blogging/Vlogging/Instagram

While all the social media (and blogging) types listed seem very different, they are conceptually the same. People use their computers to create content for entertainment or information and they attempt to make money through ads, selling you products, or encouraging you to buy items to earn a commission off of.

Ease of Startup – 5

As long as you have a computer you are able to do the work. You might need a mic with video capabilities, but you can easily pick one up for a relatively cheap price

Ease To Start Earning Money – 1

This really depends on the situation, but reports have it where most people take over 3 months before beginning to earn money. However, there are certainly exceptions where people become overnight superstars.

It really depends on how much time you are willing to dedicate and how creative you are.

In our personal experience, it’s taken us 6 months to begin earning money.

Money Potential – 5

The money potential is almost unlimited dependent on how business savvy you are. Ever heard of the 7-year-old kid named Ryan who just happens to be a millionaire reviewing toys?

Yes, you can be the next millionaire if you have a good enough idea and business savvy.

Ease of the job – 3

As much as it seems it doesn’t require any schools other than good looks – it takes more than being good looking to be successful. Don’t trust me?

Take a quick look around Instagram and see how many good looking people trying to make a living without much of a following.

You need to have some understanding how the Internet and search engines work to draw people to you. If you’re using a social media channel, you need to be familiar with their rules and how people can easily find you.

If you plan to do well in influencing or blogging, you must learn the technical skills!

Longevity of Career – 2

This one is a tough one. When it comes to social media sites longevity is tough. Facebook’s (and Instagram’s), Twitter’s, and YouTube’s rules are constantly changing. This means you are following someone else’s rules.

The most common example of this? Every couple of years you’ll hear about YouTube changing rules and content creators losing their profit.

Take at the top 100 content creators from 2010 to 2019 in YouTube, courtesy of Reddit user u/Stefano:

Post image

Notice anything interesting other than more YouTube channels being owned by a corporation or celebrity? A lot of the top YouTubers from 2010 aren’t the top YouTubers anymore!

Websites are similar, you need to constantly keep making fresh content to keep people interested in your website.

Side Hustle-able? – 2

As a side hustle it takes too long to get started. Many of the top earners repeatedly talk about how much time it requires to become an influencer. However, once you can get rolling, it can become very lucrative.

Total Score: 18/25

Resume Writer/Checker

Are you the type of person who gets annoyed over the little details, but can still focus over the big picture? I’m definitely not that person. But if you are, you might make a good resume writer and checker!

Don’t think there is such a need for a job? Let me tell you, as someone who used to make hires, there certainly is!

When I’ve worked as a hiring manager, the minimum job requirements for the positions I’ve hired were mainly Bachelor’s and Master’s level positions. Let me be honest with you, just because someone is given a piece of paper by a university does not mean a thing.

Approximately 50% of the resumes that I would review had spelling errors and grammatical errors. Another 25% or so would have formatting that would make you get crosseyed after looking through them. That is 75% of people who instantly don’t make the cut. These little things are what prevent most people from getting hired!

A resume writer and checker helps people get from the 75% of people who fall in the instant rejection category into the 25% “Maybe” category.

Ease of Startup – 5

Have a computer that has Word and Adobe PDF? You’re ready to go!

Length Until Earning Money – 1

I think this one would have been a “4” 10 years ago. With the job market being so hot right now, resume writers and checkers aren’t as needed as they were after the Great Recession.

That doesn’t mean it is impossible to find work. After a tough start where you can get your clients to find work, your name will begin to get around, but it may be quite a while.

Money Potential – 2

You won’t be a millionaire, but you probably could make a decent living from it. According to, Resume Writers can earn an average median salary of $69,130 per year. Unlike VIP or Freelancing, you can easily make this amount working a reasonable 40 hour week.

Ease of Job – 4

You either have the “it” factor when it comes to writing resumes or you don’t. Outside of a certification that some sites recommend and networking, there isn’t much to a resume writer’s skillset to maintain.

Longevity of Career – 5

As long as people work, there will be a need for resume writers and checkers.

Side Hustle-able? – 5

This is easily a job you can do in your off-hours and pull additional cash. Other than keeping up with your client’s emails, it isn’t as work intensive.

Total Score: 22/30

Social Media Manager

10 years ago it was never imagined a single devastating comment could start a run on chicken sandwiches which resulted in absolute chicken sandwich mania.

If you have the ability to create witty comments or puny puns then social media manager might be a job for you!

10 years ago, social media managers didn’t exist very much as a career. Fast forward to now, and the social media manager career is ever evolving.

Some companies use a social media manager as a way to post and engage users for more clicks. Other social media managers have set budgets and marketing to outreach to people. It really depends on who you end up working with.

Ease of Startup – 3

Most social media managers have to apply for work with a company or a brand personality (e.g. Instagram models, personalities, etc.). It really depends on the situation of how hard the application process is. However, more often than not, people report working for brand personalities have a significantly easier hiring process.

Ease of Earning First Money – 3

This depends on when your first paycheck comes and how long your interview/application process is.

Money Potential – 3

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a social media manager makes anywhere between $33,496 – $56,571.

Ease of Job – 2/5

This depends, if you are working for a company that only has you come up with posts, this job is fairly easy. On the other hand, if you work for a company that requires you to come up with post and handle outreach strategy, this job becomes a fairly harder job.

Longevity of Career – 5

Social media might not last forever. However, communication between one another will last quite a long time. It is undeniable that social media in its current form will be something completely different in about 10 years. One thing is certain: you can bet it will be part of life.

Side Hustle-able? – 3/5

Once again, this depends what the expectations of the job is. If it’s post and commenting, it’s a job that you can do in your spare time. On the other hand, if it is a job that requires you to formulate strategy, you will likely need to keep in constant contact with the marketing team.

Total Score: 19-24/30


Ever wonder if your thoughts are so valuable that you ought to get paid for it? You might have something called “Big Ego”. Well, there are companies out there that are willing to pay for your thoughts and feed into your “Big Ego”!

All joking asides there is plenty of money that survey companies are willing to pay out for people’s thoughts. This is because major companies are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for people’s thoughts on their products.

You can get a cut of that by doing surveys on your phone!

Start up Cost – 5

As long as you have a mobile device, you can start making money. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can easily get a cheap tablet for $70 and start answering surveys.

Ease to start earning money? – 5

It was pretty easy to make money as long as you have an app supported device. All you need to do is download the app and begin answering questions.

Money Potential – 1

If you take a quick cursory glance at Pinterest there are a ton of pins that tell you “Get rich now by taking surveys” or “Work from home by giving people your thoughts”. I laugh at these pins.

Here’s the reason why, we tried doing surveys for about an hour every day for a week. We figured based on the money we earned in one week and multiply by 6, we could more or less figure out how much you could make in a week.

Here’s what happened:

  • We entered in a lot of personal information for “research purposes”
  • We earned $30 bucks
  • We didn’t have that many surveys we could answer after the first 3 days

If we multiply $30 by 6 (or a 42 hour work week) that would mean I earn less than minimum wage. I would have earned $180 per week or $720 per month ($8640 per year).

The $30 earned is a little misleading. Most of the $30 was earned the first two days by doing things the app incentivized us to do by filling out our profile with personal information. This is part of the profit models of these companies.

Some of you may think you can put fake information, but to get paid you do need to have a real address.

Can you become a millionaire?

Lol, no.

Pro Tip: Survey companies love it when you have less than a college degree.

Ease of Job – 5

You’re taking surveys, it doesn’t require a lot of thought.

Longevity of Career – 1

You earn too little to make it a career.

Side Hustle-able? – 5

Definitely, you can probably do surveys on the toilet if you really wanted to!

Final Score: 22/30

Tax Preparer

Here’s a money-saving tip: If your income sources only come through a full-time employer and you make less than $69,000- you should strongly consider doing your own taxes.

Why? Because all you need to do is take advantage of tax preparation software that just has you fill out certain forms by taking you through a step by step process.

Now here’s a money earning tip: Very few people realize how easy it is to file taxes if they make money only through a full-time employer. Here’s where you can earn money – you can be a tax preparer.

Ease of Startup – 3

To get started, you need to get a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). For you to receive a PTIN you must have: apply with the IRS, your social security number, personal information, and previous year’s tax return to the IRS

Length of time until you start earning money – 2/4

This really depends on when you decide to start. Obviously, if you decide to start after tax season, it will be incredibly hard to find work. If you have your PTIN by January then it will be fairly easy.

Money Potential – 4

Tax preparers make between $18,820 and $80,360. However, the median pay was $43,350.

However, keep in mind that most tax preparers make their money from the months of March to April. You can easily have another side hustle while doing this side hustle all the other times of the year.

Ease of Job – 4

This job can be fairly easy as long as you have tax prep software helping you along. If not, this job might be a bit harder to keep up with the everchanging tax laws.

Longevity of Career – 5

There are two constants in life: death and taxes.

Side Hustle-able? – 3

As long as you can really dedicate your time in March and April, this is a fairly easy side hustle.

Total Score: 21 or 23/30


Are you really fast at typing and good at listening? If you combine both of those skills together, then you have a transcriber!

Transcribers are constantly needed and still a growing industry in the face of technology. There is current technology that allows for transcription to occur while someone talks. However, having used the best program available the transcription programs aren’t the best at picking up accents. Transcription from a different language into an understandable, grammatical English is even tougher to get on by.

person using black typewriter

Ease of Startup – 5

Have a computer with a speakers? You can be a transcriber.

Ease of earning your first money -4

Traditionally, people will use a freelance website or have a good network to use before getting started. This would take a while to get started, but there is a simpler way that no one else talks about. So make sure you tell your friends you heard it on first:

A lot of research universities don’t allow transcription software to get downloaded on computers. Partially due to the cost, but partially due to how inaccurate current software is. If you want to become a transcriber, use LinkedIn and start connecting with professors offering your transcription services.

You will find work – it is only a matter of time.

Money Potential – 2

Most transcribers charge anywhere between $15-$25 per hour. Some transcribers do charge by assignment for rush delivery at a higher fee. It just depends on the transcriber’s experience and the nature work. Using those numbers, you can estimate the average full time transcriber can earn anywhere from $30,600 to $51,000.

When it comes to money earning potential, transcribers have a ceiling of how much transcription software costs. A transcriber cannot charge higher than transcription software.

Ease of Job – 5

The job doesn’t require a lot of additional skill other than typing.

Longevity of Career – 4

Right now and for the foreseeable future, there is no transcription software that does a near perfect job of picking up someone’s voice. This is due to the way people have different inflections in their voice.

Even better, if you know another language, there is no transcription software available that can effectively translate other languages to understandable English.

In both cases, it will take a long while before the technology is developed to meet both of those needs.

Side Hustle-able? – 5

Once you have a good client list to work from you can keep your operation running with very little issue at all.

Total Score: 25/30

Virtual Assistant

Don’t we all wish you had someone to help you with answer emails and scheduling your meetings so you can focus on working? If you see them in your office, they call them secretaries, assistants, or executive assistants. If they’re online based they are called virtual assistants.

Some claim that virtual assistants are better than real-life assistants since some virtual assistants are expected to do marketing, web design, and bookkeeping. However, it really depends on what the job entails and the expectations of the job.

For the sake of this article, virtual assistants are people who are only assistants, but virtual.

Ease of Startup – 5

Have a phone and computer, you can work as a virtual assistant.

Time to start until your first paycheck – 3

It depends, if you work through a freelancing website, you will likely get work pretty quickly. If you go through a more traditional route of applying for work, it will probably take longer.

Money Potential – 2

This score is based on the virtual assistants whose sole job is to do clerical support work (data entry, copy-editing, etc.). You can expect to make about $15 per hour. If you work through a freelancing website, you can expect to earn about $3-6 per hour.

Ease of Job – 5

This isn’t a put down of assistants in general: similar to an assistant who does work in the office, more of the virtual assistant’s job has to do with your emotional intelligence and intangible talent. Similar to a good in-office assistant, a virtual assistant must understand the needs of the person they are assisting, and the best do so without needing to ask. If you have high emotional intelligence, this is a great job.

Longevity of Career – 5

There will always be a need for assistants.

Side Hustle-able? – 2

You will more likely than not work during the work hours of the people you are assisting. There are situations where you can work off hours, but that is rare.

Total Score: 22/30


VIPKids is a China-based company which gives Americans the opportunity to tutor English to children in China. It was ranked among one of the best paying online jobs by multiple major news sources.

Mrs. Bunny-Hops actually worked with VIPKids our first year of marriage and had a ton of success working with them. So our rankings are actually based on our her experience!

Ease of Startup – 2

The ease of startup is relatively easy, but VIPKids make it hard for you to start working. You will need:

  • A computer with video and mic capabilities.
  • To speak English fluently and without an accent.
  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher preferred (people do report they are able to teach with a GED or high school diploma, but it is becoming incredibly rare)
  • An orange shirt

THEN, you will need to:

  • Go through at least 1-2 round of interviews where you teach live to a current tutor
  • Fill out a formal application

You can expect this entire process to take at least 2 weeks before you can start working. The startup process is hard only because the standards set by VIPKids are high.

Ease To Start Earning Money – 4

VIPKids is one of the few companies that are willing to help people new to the program to earn money. Their “algorithm” supposedly attempts to match new tutors with new students wanting to learn English. This is assuming you are willing to open enough of your schedule to work. Compared to other tutor sites, this is what set VIPKids apart from everyone else.

In our research, we have not read anyone not making any money shortly if they opened more than 20 hours after beginning work as a tutor.

Money Potential – 3

You can earn decent pay to live off of. However, you definitely won’t become a millionaire…ever.

Here is an example of a “success story” from VIPKids who made $75k. How much did they need to work?

“I’m teaching 68 – 72 hours week. I teach 10 hours each day during the week and 13 hours each day on the weekend. “ Basically, that person had to work twice as much as most people to earn a salary that some people earn in 40 hours.

On the other hand, there aren’t many jobs out there that only require a high school degree and gives you the potential to earn up to $75k per year.

Ease of the job – 3

As long as you follow along to their teaching guides and learn them, the job is fairly easy. It is encouraged that you study the teaching guides beforehand.

The hardest part is the stress of keeping your teacher rating high. Each tutor is given a rating, and the higher the rating the more likely you will get students. There are reports of people being let go for lower ratings than most people would consider high (e.g. 4/5 Apples (their version of stars).

In addition, this job is a China based job. This means you do need to make sure the materials you have in your class are in line with the Chinese government’s policies or risk termination.

Longevity of Career – 4

As long as you can avoid getting your contract nullified – you have a great job of making a long term career out VIPKids. The only major factor is whether there will continually be new students joining the program. Based on reports – things look great so far.

Side Hustle-able? – 4

Kind of? Because China is ahead of the U.S. by 12-15 hours, you can likely get work on VIPKids after hours.

Total Score: 21/30

Did we miss something? Please let us know!

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